Daddy’s Zazzle Earnings and Mr. G’s new discovery of Fall Beauty

Here is a picture of our family’s happy Daddy. Wondering why is he happy? It is because he just got his first check of earnings in Zazzle. Daddy uploads his graphic art designs and digital photos there.  People looked for customized items in Zazzle and fortunately his items got picked by the costumers and he got commission out from it. Trickles of business work and income from Zazzle arts made his day. We are so proud of you Daddy!

daddy zazzle

Daddy and Mr. G went outside and did some clean up in our backyard today. The pile of leaves excite Mr. G as it is really a big pile. He kept on running back and forth in it. Here’s a video that Daddy took from his Samsung Galaxy player:

We are still thinking of either composting these leaves for my garden next year or let the city garbage cleaners to clean it. I thought the zazzle green stamp was cool and I have green ideas in our leaves as compost so why not share this post to green Monday. It has been a long time I haven’t joined this meme.


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