Pictures and Blogging

Blogging does not end with writing and publishing a post. Well, it really depends on the type of blog that you have. If you are writing for a private blog, then that is just about it. But if you are writing for a public page, especially something that is monetized, you do not stop when you hit the publish button. Instead, you gather readership. Who will benefit from your posts if you do not promote it? Nada. And what way can you promote your post? Plenty!

You can post every link of your new article on your social network: Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, etc. And you can also visit other web sites, drop them a comment and leave a link of your page and posts. Sounds simple? It is, but this could be tricky too.

Sometimes, when I land on pages and I do not understand what they are saying, I cannot leave an appropriate comment. Or when I land on a site that is so text-heavy, I tend to not finish reading the posts and end up missing the good stuff. This is something that I do not want my readers to feel. That is why I invested in a photo editing software that I can use to fix images I want to use for my posts. Images make posts clearer (when the words are vague) and they remove my posts text-heaviness.

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