Mommy’s Lost Purse

A week ago, my husband and I had a dental check up. We left the kids to their Grand Ma who baby sit them for a while and so we took some freedom of spending time together. We just went to the mall, then to the library and then to McDonald’s for lunch. We got back to the Grand Ma’s house and I just felt so tired and slept for a few hours. I woke up when my Mom in law decided to go to Bonton as they had a community sale and we might see something we like. I tried to find my purse in their house but no luck. I asked my husband the key for our car to see if its in the car, but he said our car was being used by my brother in law to run some errands. We went to the grocery store where they parked the car. And my Purse is not even in our car. My heart is fast beating. I told my mother in law who was driving their car that my purse is lost. She was so calm and she said, we will just follow the track where we went during the day. Our instinct told us to go to McDonald’s first. I went in and ask a personnel if a purse was lost and found here during that day. And they said there was and I describe to them what my purse look like and the items inside it. They said they are not sure but they will take it out for me to see. I prayed a short prayer to St. Anthony de Padua, the saint of lost valuable things, to pray for me that I can find my purse and that the things in it are not stolen. The guy went back and showed to me the purse and to my relief, it was my purse! I told them how happy I am to retrieve my lost purse so quickly that day. I checked the things I had inside and everything is intact including my wallet, my ipod, and the coupons I got for the Bonton community sale. What a small miracle!

I told myself that I should really serve something good for the Saint who prayed to God for me and my credits to McDonald’s who are not just offering good service to their customers but being honest as well.

while at McDonald's

while at McDonald's 2

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  • Mrs.D says:

    agoy, pastilan! kung ako siguro to magpanic nako…eehehe…thank goodness wala nawala imo purse yotch….:) God is really good…sos, kung sa pinas pato dugay ra nawagtang imo ipod ug wallet…joke!

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