A hospital visit

One day, I happened to meet my best friend who is a chaplain in one of the hospitals in our area. During our conversation, he mentioned to me of his experiences with this hospital. One thing that brought to his attention was the services of the nurses who were on duty. He has observed that the nurses just carry the medicines through their hands while they deliver these to the rooms of the different patients of the hospital. For him, it is time-consuming and it will cause the delay in the delivery of the said medicines. He was thinking, he should tell the management of the hospital about this situation. I told him, it is nice Father if you can suggest to the head of the hospital to have a solution to this kind of problem. I mentioned to him about hospital carts. Then he said to me that is a good idea. He asked me where can we find these hospital carts? I told him there is a website where the management of the hospital can view the different styles of hospital carts that will suite to their needs. I know they will like it because the styles are modern and attractive. If they can acquire these hospital carts, they will be the first in town to use this kind of equipment. In this way, they can maximize their services to their patients.

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