Pre-Winter Explorations at Rimrock Overlook

I took these pictures when we visited Rimrock Overlook a few weeks ago. It was late Fall season and the wind was cold so I’m wearing my fleece jacket on. It was a breathtaking view because you can most of the long Allegheny River. The trees were bare that is why you can see a wide view of the place. This overlook is a famous destination that tourists should see in our place. It’s called Rimrock because you will stand and see the scenic view in a mountain size rock. There are huge rocks scattered all over the place there and Geologists believed that they were once part of a glacier. And when you stand there, you will see that most of the mountains were of the same size and flatness on top. It is because the place is a part of the huge Allegheny dissected plateau. Google it in Wikipedia. I am happy to have seen the place at last and I’m proud to have lived here for such beautiful nature view.

Rimrock overlookRimrock explorationRimrock scenic view

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