Christmas letter highlights

Not only Christmas cards and photocards we received from relatives and friends this year but also Christmas letters that highlights the events big or small from their families. We got 6 new babies in my husband’s relatives including ours. One of his Aunt is so proud to have attended her daughters weddings. She said she was happy to be able to help her daughter especially in finding a florist for floral arrangement of her wedding bouquet and the aisle of their wedding reception. His relatives and our friends mostly went to Disney this year to experience some fun. We wish to include it in our family events someday when our kids finally gets to the right age to get entertained by mascots and not afraid of them. And some also expressed their longing as they missed their loved ones who passed away this year. We are in the point of sending a few more Christmas cards as Christmas has not yet ended as Three Kings celebration is coming up in January 2012. Our Christmas letter highlights this year was that we got a new member in our family who we named Vincent Charles. And that my husband’s father saw him before he took the turn to eternal rest a few weeks after he was born. And that I turned half a century old this year and that my husband was awarded a “President’s award from his College”.

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