Bag Of Hearty Goodies From MOPS

Two weeks ago, I was invited to be a MOPS speaker. I was nervous but I had a good time with the other moms in our local area. They were very interested to know what are the cultural differences between America and Philippines. I thought it would be an easy topic but I took some research because I want to verify the cultural traditions practiced here in America. I received quite a few questions and for them Philippines is sure is a different world and they noticed how particular we are in holding on to our family ties and traditions. They also wish to hold steadfast like us in preserving good cultural traditions in their families which is a challenge for an American Family.

Bag of heart goodies from MOPS.

Bag of heart goodies from MOPS. They gave this to me as a token for being a speaker. (Thank You folks! My pleasure to speak that day.)

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