Plans For An Air Travel And A New Car

We are planning to get a bigger car for our family. Do you have brand suggestion in mind of what van’s these days are good and can accommodate 6 to 7 passengers inside? It’s not that we are a big family as there are only 4 of us but we are thinking that we might have another baby and that we can have my mother in law and bro in law to ride with us when we have long trips. We are living in a small city where we have to drive 1 and a half to 2 hours to a big city and visit our relatives and friends. My mother in law has undergone lots of problems lately in paying her late husband’s nursing home, and her house and car maintenance alone and without any job. My bro in law is living with her and does not have enough money to support her household. So at least we can lighten her life a bit if we can invite them going for a ride with us. Both our families are thinking of leasing some of our investment like our car for a new and bigger car and my mother in law is their house for paying the nursing home bills of her late husband. Somehow,¬†title loans New York¬†enlighten us a bit about having either our car or their house as collateral to get cash for that family matter. We are also planning to have an air travel to Philippines next year to visit my family. We know that we can’t do the things we need all at ones but we just hope and pray that these things won’t push too hard on us.

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