The Jolly Baby In The Family

Our Baby Vincent just turned 9 months old yesterday. We are cheering hep hep hurray for our jolly baby! Oh, a month ago was hard for him because he’s teething. He had those days that he has high body temperature and he was just in the irritable mood. Mommy can’t concentrate when he keeps on crying most of the time (and those short nights of sleep). I thought his being irritable was because of my lack of producing breast milk for him, but it was very much likely because of his teething. He has 6 teeth now you see, 4 on the upper and 2 on the lower gums and the other two in the lower is coming up pretty soon. He’s still irritable these days but not much like a month ago. Vince is very much different than George, when his big brother was a baby. George had his teething stage on the 11th ┬ámonth while Vince had it on the 8th month. Quite a big difference isn’t it? Not all premature babies will have their physical and developmental stage delayed. Vince was 8 months old premature baby, while his big brother was born on the date of his due date. Also, a week ago, we rushed him to the ER as I was afraid of him that he’s going to pass out after nonstop vomiting that was a few times projectile. He just turned so pale and the palm of his hands, feet, ears and lip just turned white and felt cold, and he was limp when I tried to wake him up of his being lethargic. We spent 6 hours in the ER and he just got back to normal when the doctor gave him a little bit of anti-emetic pill and a few blood and urine test where his white blood cells was high and that it could just be a virus. Thanks God he got perky after 6 hours and felt very hungry after vomiting a lot. I fed him breast milk as much as I can and we went home like we’re back to normal.

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