My Toddler And His Music Influence

My toddler, George, is our little piano fiddler. These days, when he wakes up every morning, he goes to his daddy’s grand piano and fiddle his little hands on the piano keyboards. I keep listening to him and I forgot to take videos in those days that he really played and listen to the beat at the same time. There are times he plays rough too. After he plays the piano, he asks me, “Where’s Daddy? Where’s Uncle Mark?”. These two guys influenced him about music the most. His Daddy loves to play the piano and plays the classics like Beethoven, Choplin and others. I am even thankful that he has that talent as I really like it but I don’t know how to play the piano. He complains that George won’t let him play because George likes to play the piano with him. I sometimes pity my husband that he can’t concentrate but there are times that I am happy when he teaches George on how to fiddle the piano keys. His Uncle Mark, is not a musical instrument player type of a guy but he loves the rock and parody types of music. He is a bit different from his younger brother, my husband, that way when it comes to music. I usually see him cooking in the kitchen wearing like those¬†Beyerdynamic studio headphones¬†where it is clasped in his head like a headband with big ear muffs. My husband says he missed those days that he was a member of their college choir where they used to wear those studio headphones when the choir practice singing together. I told him that was cool that he was involved in a music band of his school choir before. As for me, I only like to hear rock and mellow type of music and I especially seek the ones that my bro in law and my husband likes so that I can get to talk with them in their conversations. I am also glad that their music favorites is compatible to what I also like to hear.

My 18 months old toddler playing piano

My 18 months old toddler playing piano.


George and daddy playing piano.

George at 18 months, and daddy playing piano.

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