My Daughter’s 20th Birthday

Last February 21, my youngest daughter celebrated her twentieth birthday in our house. As usual, she invited her closest friends. Most of the visitors were girls and a few boys. After they eat their dinner, I noticed that there was a guy who brought an electric guitar with him. It came into my knowledge that they will be singing with the accompaniment of the electric guitar. They told me that my youngest daughter will be playing the electric guitar. She said she needs the help of the guy to be a guitar tuner of the said electric guitar as she is still new in using it as an instrument. It has been her dream to play this musical instrument, only that we cannot afford to buy one. I just hope that someday, she can achieve her dream as she is close to finishing her college now. She said she is happy that we approved of having her friends over during her birthday. I am happy that she is expressing happiness to us even though we can only celebrate her birthday in a simple manner. I am also feeling in advance an empty nest syndrome because all my kids are in their early adulthood now and soon they are going to have families on their own.

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