Harvest Big And Healthy Plants With Miracle-Gro Concentrated Planting Mix

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When I was young, my father encourages us to do gardening. He always teased me because my plants don’t grow well and I probably don’t have a green thumb. I am impressed of him when it comes to gardening skills especially there was that one time that our mango tree did not bear lots of leaves and he was hoping we can harvest mangoes from it. He was determined to bring it to life. I saw him everyday he waters the tree and fertilized it with pig manure. After a few weeks, the tree was brought back to life, bearing flowers and when it became into tiny fruits, he wrap them with newspapers one by one. He got to harvest quite a few baskets of mangoes from that tree and we ate lots of mangoes for a month and he was a able to sell it in the market.

I was inspired by father’s hard work and determination in taking care of his trees, plants and garden. Even though I am here in the States, I always bring the fond memories and inspiration brought by my father when it comes to gardening. My brother in law also encouraged me to do gardening here too. He shared to me his garden tips and tricks and I remember he recommended me to use Miracle-gro products in reviving plants and when transplanting seedlings to the ground.

EnG Product Shot.png

I will also recommend to him this Expand ‘n Gro™ concentrated planting mix. I read that it is one of the best planting mix out there compared to potting mix. I think this is something new and cool to try in the garden this year and since it is only available in the Midwest, Northeast and Texas, I may have to order more of this in Amazon online. I am also thinking of using it to plant flowers in window boxes so I can enjoy big and beautiful blooms while looking at my window.

Do you have a garden? Have you tried using Miracle-gro products?



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