My Two Boys

My Two boys have been growing up so fast lately. George is learning fast like he learns how to open the door with a use of a key. We were just surprised the other day that he was wanting to go inside the house as quickly as possible. His Grandma gave him the key to their house and he opened it and dashed in and out. He took out a binocular with him. It was because he saw an airplane in the sky and he wants to see a closer look of it. Silly little thing, we often can’t read what’s inside in his mind. Vince is learning how to crawl and walk. Though he crawls most of the time and can get to almost everything in our house, he is still getting to know how to walk with support. He is just have sturdy legs in standing while hanging on to a wall or furniture. George is now 2 years and 10 months old and Vince is 10 months old.

My Two Boys

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