Shopping For Spring Clothing And Coupon Codes

I have been busy shopping for our Spring Clothing this week. I know I could just reuse some of our last year’s clothing but my kids had quite a growth spurt and most of their clothing from last year’s don’t fit anymore. Also, the feet of the little guys needs a new size of shoes. The bright side is that Vince can reuse some of George’s shoes when the right time comes for him to walk on his own. As for my case, I have lost weight quite a bit. From Extra Large clothing, I need to buy Medium sized clothing. I am happy so far of my weight loss as I don’t need to buy big sizes anymore which is a couple of bucks more than the small and medium sizes. My husband needs new set of rubber shoes and a couple new Spring jackets. It took me quite a few times to convince him in buying a new set of rubber shoes as he is the penny saver type of a man who just don’t want to spend money for his own needs. Poor guy, but I told him that if you don’t want to complain on a painful foot ankle and sole, then you really need to make your comfortable and buy the new pair of shoes. He went to Walmart and bought the $12 worth of rubber shoes. I didn’t like the quality and looks of his shoes. But then I realized that I can just look on online shops where I can shop for a good quality pair of shoes for him. I found some Free TGW Coupon where I saw this nice pair of Nike shoes. I also saw some weather and soft shell jackets that are the Big & Tall sizes for men that would just be perfect for his need of Spring jackets.

Nike Shoes

As for my kids, I went to my favorite thrift stores and I also went browsing online and use the coupon codes I have from Target and Old Navy which are one of my favorite stores. I also found some Online Crocs Coupon Codes and they have really nice selection crocs signature comfort shoes. I’m sure George will like this pair of Mater and Finn McMissile crocs.

Kids Crocs

Anyhow, if you are a coupon shopper like me, then you might want to check out couponcodes4u online for your Spring shopping needs and keep saving money when you buy stuff online on your favorite stores.

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