A Glimpse About Our Trip To Syracuse Soon

My husband reminded me last night that he has already booked a hotel for us to stay in his business trip in Syracuse, New York. I am a little disappointed that we are not going to Cresthill Suites because I like their rooms there for they have a kitchen inside. He said we are going to the second hotel we went there the second time which is in Best Western hotel. I like the hotel but they don’t have a kitchen inside. We don’t have any other choice as Cresthill Suites is already fully booked. I asked my husband if there’s a bus stop near to that hotel so we can go to the mall or the zoo while we’re there. He that there’s one near the hotel. I am getting excited for my kids and a little bit anxious that some things might go bad but I have to stay positive. Really have to get those kind of umbrella strollers that has double seat in it for the two guys. And oh, we’re going back there on the last week of May.

Syracuse NY Postcard

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