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Pretty Quince Flowers

I am impressed to see such a tall and huge bush of this blooming Quince flowers in Vince’s Godparents house. We have one at home but it is only a small bush in our front porch. It probably didn’t like it there but every early spring, we see vibrant red-orange flowers and it bears tiny tangerine-like fruits. My bro in law’s friend told us that she used to punish her kids to eat Quince Apples if they tell lies to her. She said that its fruit is very bitter to eat but taste very good when made as jelly. In fact it is one of the famous fruit  jelly in Europe. Now I am curious what the Quince Apple Jelly taste like. How about you, do you like this Quince flowers too?

Quince Flowers Pic 1

Quince Flowers Pic 2

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