The Matrix

The other day, my husband and I together with my in laws, watched the first film of The Matrix directed by the Wachowski’s in 1999. This American Sci-Fi Action film rocks until now. Oh yes, it’s about Neo, right you are. The oh so handsome Keanu Reeves as Neo and her leading lady Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity. Amazing to look back on this movie because the first time I saw this was when I was in high school and I don’t understand what the story was about and all I just love to see is the suspense and the virtual world of it. It turns out that there is a Christian view about the movie, well, as I interpret it, Neo symbolizes like Jesus. If ever you’d like to see this movie again, just be aware that it is PG 13 and has violence in it that you need your kids and below to be baby sited by their Grand Mother or someone where you and your husband and other adult friends can enjoy watching.


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