My American Idol Fever

The top 3 has been finally revealed in American Idol this week. I felt very excited as my 3 idol singers, Philip, Joshua and Jessica are in it. I like Jessica a lot as you will never get bored hearing her songs. She has a way of captivating other people’s hearts that does makes me forget what I am doing and just listen to her all the way. For Philip, I like the performance he did this week. The stage set-up where he was using a k-m like microphone stand, the guitar and dim lights is just so perfect on his intimate song Volcano. For Joshua, the women on his background and his emotional song was just gorgeous, and his voice is what you are going to expect as he usually sounded that way consistently in his performances. For Jessica, she is extraorinary, she is just versatile to any songs she is going to sing. How about you folks, who is your best bet for the number 1 idol this season?

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