Kids & Outdoor Fun

With the weather so good these days, who wouldn’t want to spend time outside? We have been spending fun outdoor activities lately. We have been into the nearby park a couple of times. George enjoyed blowing the dandelions. Vince just love crawling on the green grass. There were kids in the park and they love to hold Vince and play with George. George got to play with chalk art at our friend’s garage. It was colorful as the Daddy and the Mommy enjoyed their time playing with the kids too. There are just lots of stuff to enjoy outdoors these days. We have done a couple of times┬ápicnicking too. The smell of grilled meat and hotdogs was just fantastic and so delicious. Having close friends around us in those times makes the moment special. I took these pictures below and just hover on the pictures for the caption. How about you folks, has your family spent outdoor fun lately?







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