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My Garden 2 years ago

This is me and my first garden bed 2 years ago. See how beautiful and healthy my vegetables were? This will be my inspiration to revive my garden bed this year. I never thought I have a green thumb at that moment and that I have no skills to grow plants from my own hands. I felt the need to know more about gardening here in America because I felt bored of just staying home and not knowing how to drive. I want to be productive with my time at home, and so, what I did to increase my motivation to do gardening was to read more gardening books and watch gardening DVDs. I picked up lots of tips from gardeners like Rebecca Kolls, a master gardener, and I always keep her advice in mind when it comes to gardening which is "to keep you hands dirty". I chose to have a raised garden bed because our area has a clayish texture of native ground and plants don't survive well in that kind of soil because there roots can't spread out in a clay soil. I heard about Whitney Farms® lately and their happy costumer testimonials that they produce organic soil for gardening. I wish I had Whitney Farms® organic soil to use in my garden bed as I just learned that there is  no synthetic nutrients when you buy organic soil from them. But I won't fret as Whitney Farms® also have organic plant food to feed the plants in my conventional garden bed.

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How about you, how's your gardening this year? Check out Whitney Farms® organic soil and use the $3 coupon too!


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Organic Plant Food

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