Inspired By American Idol

I was watching the other day, the video of the homecoming of the Top 3 American Idol singers. I saw how cool it was that the top 3 contestants was able to see home. I saw how expensive the vehicle service AI provided for them as if it was one of those limo vans at limo service tampa fl. They were greeted with a huge crowd of fans. I felt touched of Joshua Ledet’s story that he went back to the church he belonged to and his church community prayed for him. Philip Phillips’s homecoming was a power of family support because all the members of his family were musicians. Jessica Sanchez’s homecoming was very touching especially that she came back to where she auditioned American idol and was brought to her fans with a helicopter. The night that I saw them 3 back to the AI stage to perform made me nervous because they might have a hard time to keep their voice and spirit momentum to stay singing and be the number 1. I can’t wait to see who will win between the final 2 contestants this week!

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