Reminiscing Lady Gaga As An American Idol Mentor

I got intrigued to see again the video online of Lady Gaga as an American Idol mentor during its season 10. I think she did well in loosening up the esteem of the top 4 at that time though it was shocking to know that they invited her to be a mentor. I agree on her comments on how should Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart and James Durbin should perform. There were funny moments in the video on how she loosen up James Durbin. But when she saw how Scotty McCreery performed in front of her, though some of her comments were censored in the video, she told him the importance of how to hold a microphone. Whether its one of the peavey microphones Musicians friend kind or any other expensive and cheap microphones out there, one should really practice how to hold a microphone if you want your career to be a singer because that’s your life and your money. Very interesting point of view and creative idea it is of how Lady Gaga shared importance on how to hold a microphone.

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