Kids And Their Birthday Toys

I love seeing the delight of the eyes of my two boys during their birthdays last week. They say life begins at 3 years old because most of the fun toys are more interesting in this stage. George got so excited with his new helicopter and airplane toys. Vincent got a new Hippo riding toy during his 1st year birthday. Amazing how time flies by so quickly of this two little guys.







I am so proud being their Mom. I could only afford the toys that are easy on my my pocket. Vincent didn’t need a lot of new toys as his brother have quite a few toys unpacked and others used that he can play with. This is very fortunate of him to have a brother as he can use some of his toys. George is in the “All Mine” stage lately where he doesn’t let Vince play with his toys. It got a little bit difficult for me to divide some time playing with each of them as there are just times that they don’t like to play together. I have to strengthen myself that I can instill to the minds of my boys that sharing is very important. I want them to grow in God’s grace.

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