Vincent’s Birthday Cake

My husband warned me not to smear the cake on Vincent’s face just what I did in George’s 1st birthday. Geez, wouldn’t it be cute to see him covered with icing? I just think that my husband’s favorite part of the cake is the icing that’s why he doesn’t want me to disturb the design. I love the simple design of this cake. We chose a blue and dark color on George’s birthday cake last week so we chose a lighter color on Vince’s Birthday cake this June 8th.


I love the flower design, makes me remember of some of my birthday cakes when I was a kid. We celebrated his birthday by picnicking outdoors.  I just thought it shifted the mood of that week because we celebrated George’s birthday in our house. My birthday and my husband’s birthday can’t be celebrated outdoors as it fall on the winter months. I am happy that we did this for Vince. He had so much fun crawling in the green grass and the bright sunny day was just perfect for sky watching on a shade of a tree, looking at a busy sky full of airplane tracks, and a helicopter passed by. What do you think of Vince’s birthday cake folks? Isn’t it cute?

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