Save money on college textbooks

Many first time college students start school with the expectations of high tuition prices but many are greatly surprised with the high cost associated with textbooks. It seems counter intuitive to spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks for a semester and often never open them again. Therefore many college students now choose to rent textbooks instead of buying them. Renting is easy. You can simply search the extensive database for any of your textbooks including Folk-lore and Legends: North American Indian, by ISBN number, author, title, or keyword. Once you order your textbook is quickly delivered to your door. All of this, for half the price of buying the textbook. Once you are done with your rental simply return it in a pre-paid envelope provided. Shipping is free both ways so you never get stuck with huge postal charges. The rental times are designed to meet the needs of a busy college student and are available in a semester, summer, or a quarter basis. However if you need to keep your book a little bit longer to study for that all important final exam, simply use one of the 15 or 30 day extension periods available. With textbooks rentals there are no regrets if for some reason you decide not to keep the class or return your textbooks, you can do so for 30 days after your initial order for a 100% money back guarantee. Saving money on college expenses is hard but saving money on textbooks has never been easier.

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