Pet proofing your pad

No one wants to be known as the person with the stinky animal house and equally no one wants their pets running riot and wrecking their home, so it is important to put a few measures in place.

The most hygienic thing to do is to keep your house and your animals clean and tidy. Make sure you hoover regularly and keep a high level of cleanliness with little dust. This will help ensure your place doesn’t get the animal smell and it will also help if your pet has any sensitivity to dust or house allergens.  The best way to keep your pets clean (most common house pets are cats and dogs) is to ensure they are up to date on their flea and worming treatment. Frontline flea treatment is a great product to use as it is simple to apply and works effectively. There are also a number of flea treatment products on the market for your house, so if your animal has been infested with fleas and you have not caught it in time; it is likely you will need to use flea treatment around the house. If you do not, then your cat or dog is likely to re-catch fleas relatively quickly.  Ensure your cat and dog are wormed regularly by using a simple paste like panacur.

It is up to you to decide where in the house to allow your pets, but it is best for your cat or dog if you assign them sleeping areas. Allowing them to sleep anywhere can get hairy and also could lead to a disgruntled pet when they are kicked off the sofa. There are some lovely cat and dog beds available; they are comfortable and help give your dog a sense of ownership and territory.  With dogs, having a bed time area will help them get into a good routine and should avoid overnight accidents as they are generally very clean animals who will not mess where they sleep.

As with children, ensure anything dangerous is out of reach of mouths. Vets often get calls from owners worried about their dog ingesting various household products and whilst most things are harmless, something like bleach could be really dangerous for a dog so the easiest thing to do is keep anything poisonous out of reach. Instead, make sure that your pet has access to cat and dog toys to keep them amused and distract them from chewing/clawing furniture.

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