How to Survive A Cut-Throat Business World Without Breaking the Bank

You’ve probably already noticed, the business world is a cut-throat world. Those that manage to stay ahead of the pack are those that know how to play their cards well. Technology, being a key player in most businesses’ success, is here to stay and evolve as the days unfold. That said, it is imperative that businesses know how to make the most use of technologies available for them to utilize. But make no mistake. Efficiency through technology does not have to bring you down financially. There are tools that can help you attain just that without breaking the bank.


For a business, transparent collaboration and timely communication equals productivity. Productivity makes everyone happy. Customers are satisfied. Business owners meet their set goals. Employees are empowered. And this is the reason why technological advancements like CRMs and corporate intranets are widely implemented among businesses today. Problem with these, not everyone can afford them, especially the small business owner and the cash-strapped bootstrapper. is an internal social network for the workplace. Functioning as a single workstation for tasks, projects, contacts and documents, combines the power of a free and fully functional CRM system, free file sharing, instant messaging, free real-time viewing, free workforce monitoring and a whole host of other features in a single application – truly your one-stop communications and collaboration platform. Plus, is 100% free for companies with a maximum of 12 employees. For just $99 a month, the number of users can already be unlimited.


Naming a business is something that needs to be tackled with care. The name you choose to carry has branding and advertising significance, which can potentially spell catastrophe if you don’t get it right. Now, some people have a knack for naming things. Some don’t. Some companies can afford branding agencies that can do the naming or branding for their products and services. Some can’t. Fortunately for those who can’t, there’s crowdsourcing. is a crowdsourcing service that’s been in the naming business since 2007. boasts of a solid contributor base of over 50,000 registered namers. To avail of the service and start receiving suggestions, register with the site as a client, pay $50 for a name or domain (or $75 for a slogan) and specify your naming parameters. If none of the suggestions you receive fits your needs, you get a refund. Now, that’s talking risk-free.


Competition in business is a common occurrence. Without competition, expect lackluster performance. Unfortunately for the airline industry, however, competition that’s getting stiffer every single day has forced some airlines to close up shop. As a result, most airlines nowadays no longer offer their promotional offers to price-comparison websites. This, then, forces a customer looking for the best and cheapest airfare deal to go from one airline site to another to find the deal that works for him best, a task that’s time-consuming, if not exhausting.

To dramatically reduce the time and effort it usually takes a customer to find the best and cheapest airfare deals available online, is a search engine that methodically sifts through more than 700 airline sites and hundreds of ticketing and flight sites and makes the data publicly available in a single portal. aspires to become the go-to web address for the best and cheapest airfare offers in the market.

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