Fun Footie Pajamas For All Ages

Footie pajama style for older kids and adults are back! This type of pajama is also known as “Onesies”, where it was originally marketed for baby clothing or infant blanket sleeper in America & Canada. It became a fashion style of sleepwear for all ages in the 70’s, and now, it became popular again. I have heard that public figures such as Bill & Hillary Clinton bought this kind of pajamas, and other celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, Kevin Sorbo and many others wear this kind of pj’s too.

The main advantage of wearing this kind of pajamas is that it is easy to wear as they usually come with a long zipper and one-piece type of clothing. They come in thin and thick type of micro-fleece fabric. It is usually best to wear footie pajamas during winter and other cold climates as it will help in keeping your whole body warm. Those who have sensitive feet to cold, will enjoy wearing this kind of pj’s too. When wearing footie pj’s, you won’t have to worry about getting more layers of blanket and bed covers during winter.

On Summer days, you can still wear this one-piece sleeping wear because there are styles of it that are sleeveless and are made of lightweight fabric. I usually let my kids wear footie pajamas in their sleep until now. They feel comfortable with it and they sleep soundly throughout the night.

Get into sleeping fashion style today too and get funky in your birthday party and gift ideas by having everyone comfortable wearing Footie Pajamas. The footie pjs for kids at Spencer’s is now available for all age types. I have these top 3 picks that I saw there which has the Snoopy, Minnie Mouse & Angry Birds print in them too! It’s so cool! Now, wouldn’t be cool to bond with everyone wearing footie pajamas and cuddle each other during movie nights as a family?


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