While At The Top Of The Rock – New York City

I feel so thrilled to have visited New York City the second time a week ago. If it weren’t for my passport renewal, I won’t see this amazing place. We went through tight highway traffic, noisy trains and wobbling subways and walking most of the famous streets to get my passport business done and do quite a few site seeing in this super busy city. Every street is packed of people walking very fast and cars beeping. It was super hot and you can feel your sweat running in your face. But despite all those discomforts, we are so happy to have reached the 70th floor at the Top of the Rock or the Rockefeller center observatory deck. That tall building at the center of the first picture is the Empire State building. Yes, where the famous Kingkong in the Kingkong movie climbed to the top of it or where Godzilla from the famous Animation series climbed it too. The second picture is the famous Central Park, the public park at the center of Manhattan. Amazing how movies used New York City to be the scariest place on Earth, right? Yet here it is, still the world’s “Big Apple” of the eye.

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