Road Trip Experience

We were on our way to New Jersey in this pictures. We have many rest stops while on the way because of the kids. It was a scenic drive to Elk County because we we’re able to view the Appalachian mountains. It was fantastic where you can see green scenery and lots of tall mountains. Most of the Rest stops we had have nice facilities, automatic toilets and vending machines. They also have picnic areas and space to wonder around to stretch your back and legs. It took us 10 hours drive instead of 8 to NJ. We got there around 12 midnight. Our host said that he was in pins and needles that we didn’t still make it in his house on time. We got there late because of unexpected traffic on the road right around the area of the Pocono Mountains. And he also said that he feel so relieved that we arrived in his house safe and sound. He thought the kids will keep on whining and will get us lots of trouble, but he was surprised that everything turned out smoothly before and after our business trips to New York City from his place.

Me And My Baby Vince

This is me and Vince while resting at the Rest Stop at Elk Scenic Drive.


The kids at the back wants to lie down.

Baby Vince

Vince is happy to see something green and that the grass feels cool to touch.


George and I are looking on the information board about Elk Scenic Drive.

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