Family Karaoke Time

One of the fun activities that we did in our family reunion at my Aunt’s house in Lancaster is the Karaoke time. My Aunts told me they felt nostalgic of those times that they come to my father’s house and sing at my father’s Karaoke Bar.

This is my husband singing one of his favorite songs during our Karaoke time. He himself never have done anything like this in his side of family reunions. I am glad that he is having a good time serenading my relatives.


This is at my Aunt’s living room. It was a busy night because my Aunt from Switzerland (the one in pink) and her family is going back to take their flight home the next day. And so do we, we also hit the road the next day. My Aunt from Lancaster hosted a farewell party for my Aunt and so we participated her hosting as well. The kids took their time to sing as well. Oh it was a fun night, I wonder when are we going to have a reunion again. I will surely miss this fun memories we had together abroad. Do you do Karaoke in your family reunions too?

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