Minnie & Daisy Sippy Cup

My Aunt from Switzerland gave this sippy cup for George. She said she bought it during their Disney World tour in Florida last month and her daughter doesn’t want to sip on this kind of cup yet. She was surprised that George doesn’t have problems drinking in sippy cups and other cups. I suppose every child is different and they have their own pace to when they are comfortable using them.


Minnie & Daisy Sippy Cup from Disney World Florida. Thank you Tita Gina!

What age do you start letting your child drink using sippy cup? Do you know that it is important to train them? Yes, because this will prevent them early tooth decays and increase their eye and hand movement. The usual time that kids begin using sippy cup is when they are 7 to 9 months. As for George and Vince, they got to use sippy cup after they turned 1 year old. 

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