Climbing Up The Grand Staircase – At Harrisburg Capitol Building Part 1

One of the National Historic Landmarks here in Pennsylvania is the Pennsylvania State Capitol. The Capitol of Pennsylvania is at Harrisburg, the 9th largest city in Pennsylvania, where this beautiful building is located.


This is the grand or the imperial staircase at the Rotunda of this building. I feel so excited climbing up the stairs and so is my toddler, George. The stairs is made of Marble and I read that the style of it is similar to the imperial staircase at Palais Garnier in Paris, France. I feel my hair standing when I got to enter the first time. I am mesmerized of the artistic details, the huge domes, murals in the ceiling, huge sculptures, absolutely wonderful! It makes you think that you are entering a royal palace.


Me & George resting at the staircase.

There are so many things to see inside the Harrisburg Capitol. It is very ornate, particularly if you admire Beaux-Arts & Renaissance style. If ever you plan going to the state of Pennsylvania, make this place as one of your top places to visit when you get here. I highly recommend it, especially that the entrance is FREE!

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  • Bless says:

    I think the state capitols here have the same design. The state capitol here in Washington also have that grand staircase :-)

  • Poray says:

    it looks magnificent mami..can you imagine living in a house with staircase like that? either magniwang ang nagpuyo or magpataud ug elevator para dli na kapoy ug saka-kanaug lol

  • Rcel says:

    That is indeed a grand staircase worth climbing Momi Mel kay PA capitol man jud. Ako gani, taman ra mi sa gawas sa WI Capitol building sa Madison. Wa pa mi kasulod. I hope soon! :)

    BPC hopping here after a loooong silence! It’s good to be back! :)

  • Avs says:

    ka nice diri ui! Isa bya na sa akong wish, makaadto diha sa Pennsylvania. Ka kita kag mga historic sites nga naay vampire stories mel? kuk Makadungog kog Pennsylvania, si Dracula ma ang mahinumduman nako… heheh bpc hop!

  • Chie says:

    i’ll take note of this sis basin masalaag ko anang lugara hehehe….


    Wah maka exercise mn pud ta og ahat anang stairs haha..maybe one day I visit that place..

  • beautiful building of the Harrisburg Capital Momi Mel :-) what a great exercise too with George :-) Dropping by from BPC

  • emzkie says:

    wow this place look so magnificent mommy Mel. ive never been to this place, even though its just 30mins from us. hubby doesnt want me to go to any government places, he hates it. hehe

    visiitng from BPC

  • Oh my! What a beautiful place mommy. I have been interested in visiting PA lately I don’t know why. I just want to see what’s in the state. I don’t know if my husband would be interested since he likes the mountain so much and he misses it. Well, me too! hahaha.. Thanks for sharing mommy. :) Beautiful!

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