Ways On How Bank Can Help You Save Money

It is important to save money and there are lots of ways of how you can do it. One way to help you save money is through your own bank or if you haven’t got one, then create one. There are lots of bank benefits that you will receive like bankĀ online tools. I have read about Money-Tracking tools where it will help you analyze every cent that you spent from your bank account. You will need a computer and internet connection from your home to be secure. You can ask about these online tools through your bank manager. They also host free classes to help you manage your money either by checking it out online or a scheduled event in your area. Check your bank’s online website to see their active date schedules. Take advantage of the feature that you can do Online Payments. This is really nice because you will never miss a bill and won’t be penalized or receive extra fees if ever you forgot to pay your household bills or shopping subscriptions.

Pictures above are of my own. I tried saving money and I received the promotional items from my bank after I opened another account a month ago.

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  • Flor says:

    Yea those tracking tools are pretty neat.

  • grace says:

    Saving truly is a need. If not of our cooperative bank, we can’t buy a new vehicle and paid off our house..

  • I love saving money at the bank. I have two separate savings account of myself. I usually deposit some of my blogging income. It helps me a lot especially when we had the vacation in the Philippines couple months ago

  • sometimes Mel I’m really prejudice about my money being put in bank.. it’s because they’re the only ones getting rich… hahhaaa.. we only have one bank for commercial use purposes, but we bank on cooperative they’re lesser evil heheheh..

    Thanks for the idea :)

  • Chie says:

    Saving money in the bank is what I’ve failed to do for in all these years I haven’t save any

  • haze says:

    Yes, definitely it helps when you have savings keep aside for emergencies and other important matters. A lot of way and if you are willing to save money, you can do it. And yes, I agree bank is the number option.

  • jheylo says:

    yes, we do have savings account and checking accounts. Ugh! it’s hard to save these days especially when we are living paycheck to paycheck :(

  • Shela says:

    We have this money bank jar for kids and when it is full we let them use for going out somewhere or get something for them, one best thing is they are enjoying it and teaching them how to save!

  • nancy says:

    I got myself one savings account too and I like the idea of online banking – makes you feel secure because you know you can keep track of your money at anytime and any day.

  • Pal Raine says:

    Congrats for opening an account again. Meaning you are a money keeper and a great saver… :)

  • Robi says:

    I have two bank accounts. One is for my savings and the second is for my expenses. The one that I like the most is the online money tracking system, wherein I can track the expenses, aside from SMS that is sent to my mobile phone for any withdrawals and money transfers.

  • Bless says:

    Yep I believe in saving especially for the future. In choosing a bank, make sure it’s FDIC accredited and also if it has a good interest rates and other perks. Great thing you were able to avail of your banks benefits :-)

  • Janine says:

    yes.. by having a bank account helps you to not have impulsive buying attitude.. i have two bank accounts.. one that generates income.. and the one that I often withdraw for my needs.

  • Nessie says:

    I am into banking my money too. Though there are some flaws nowadays, it is stiill better to keep safe of our money.

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