Hershey Park Overlook And George

One of the things you will see when you are at Hershey Gardens Entrance is the view of the Hershey Park. It is an entertainment park where you can enjoy roller coaster rides, ferries wheel rides, coastline plunges, waterworks and many more.

Hershey Park Overlook & George

I took a picture of George while we’re there and I told him to smile but he keeps on making silly faces.


I took a picture of this particular ride. They call it, the Great Bear Roller Coaster. I don’t know if I will ever survive in this kind of ride. Laughs.

The view was breathtaking. When the kids get to be at the right age to enjoy those rides, we will definitely take them back there someday. George didn’t mind them very much at his age right now, but he did enjoy meeting two other kids when a fellow blogger friend of mine named, Emzkie, brought also her kids after we planned our EB there the first time.

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