World Trade Center Remembrance

It is amazing how time flies by so quickly and that it has been 11 years now since the 9/11. I remember how shocked the whole world was. I’m sure many people are dreaming to see New York City as it has been famous in many, many movies and world events. One question raise to my mind, “How is New York City after that?”.


This is my simple collage of the pictures I took on 2008 and 2012 visits we have in NYC.

We have been to NYC two times. Though people still moved on to their daily lives in this busy city, I can still feel hearts broken. The skyline was missing something in 2008 which is famous “Two Towers”, and on 2012, I can see “HOPE” as the new Towers are almost complete. My only hope is that, no other people will waste the money they spent to rebuild it especially for the people’s lives who were taken before and for the people’s lives who are going to work there someday.

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