Mommy Emzkie’s Kids And My Kids

One of the exciting things that I looked forward during our Southeast PA trip a couple of months ago was to meet an online friend, Mommy Emzkie. We met at Hershey Gardens PA and it was a short one as we came there late afternoon and we didn’t know that Hershey Gardens will close at 5PM.


Left: Me with my kids Vince and George. Right: Mommy Emzkie with her kids Gian and Clayton.


Mommy Emzkie took this shot using my Camera (Nikon Coolpix L110). Thank you Mommy!

Somehow I kind of wish that we stayed longer. I realized that the trip to Hershey Chocolate world and the Gardens should not be combined next time. It should be one day for each. I think we stroll around for 1 hour at Hershey Gardens and there are lots of beautiful stuff to see. If you are a new or pro photographer that loves to take pictures on flowers and garden plants, you should visit Hershey Gardens. I remember there were lots of Roses during that Summer and other interesting garden decorations. Mommy Emzkie & I got to chat for a while and it was funny that our kids got along with each other quickly. She has handsome kids. We miss Gian and Clayton. Smiles. George still remember their names whenever I show him their pictures. Sharing this post to 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

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  • emzkie says:

    aw…thank you mommy Mel! we missed u guys too. nagkasinabot dyud atong mga kidos that time, c clayton kay bad influence hehehe.. gamay ra atong chika. next time taas taason na nato. hehehe. within PA ra man ta, so naa pa dyud nay next time. laag ta sunod sa longwood. mas nindot didto

  • Freakyehs says:

    You two are look like sisters, you have similarities. Next time mag meet sa ta ha kitang tulo nya mang disco ta hehehehehe

  • Dhemz says:

    ayay, fun moments…sige lang yotch, there will be next time…kitakits unta pod ta dire next year no? we are planning to take a road trip hopefully next year….:)

    taas lagi ka yotch…ehehe!

    BPC hop!

  • yay! and the meeting begins :-) that is so sweet meeting an online friend, right Momi Mel :-) I hope to meet online friends hopefully :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  • emzkie says:

    weeehh naa napud ko diri.. agi from BPC. mga gwapa kaau ta mommy Mel. hehehe

  • Rcel says:

    Mommy Mel, tangkad diay ka no? Maayo pa ka… :D

    Nice kaayo mo kay nagkakita na mo. I am reminded of our meeting pud for the first time ni Emzkie, sa Davao adtong 2008. Unta soon magkakita pud mi usab. With you pud Mommy Mel! :D

    BPC hop!

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