Santa Claus Around the Globe

It is that time of the year once again, you need to get ready to visit a christmas tree shop and choose the best Christmas tree for your home. Aside from setting up the tree, Santa Claus is another popular Christmas tradition known all over the world. Get to know the different Santa Claus all over the world:

  • Spain – instead of Christmas stockings, the kids use their shoes and fill it with carrots, barley and straw. This is intended for the horses of the Wise Men who traveled to Bethlehem. One of the three wise men is the one in charge of leaving gifts for kids, and his name is Balthazar.
  • Sweden – they have their own version of Santa Claus and call him Sinterklaas. He rides horse instead of sleigh to travel all over the world and distribute gifts. Again, the kids use their shoes and fill it with hay to feed Sinterklaas’ horse.
  • Japan – people from Japan decorate their houses with greens. They also have their own version of Santa Claus, Hoteiosha is the priest who distributes gift to kids.
  • Denmark – they call their Santa Claus as Julemanden. He also rides his sleigh and reindeers pull his sleigh with a sack filled with gifts. They leave rice pudding with saucer of milk for him.

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