George & Ipod App Coloring Activity

I was surprised of the many images saved in my ipod today. These are among of the ones I liked and there’s no question that George did this because I let him play with my ipod for a few minutes. I installed a coloring book application on my ipod where it is free to download from my ipod’s app library folder.

At first, I wasn’t impressed about it because if it were on a child’s orientation, it will only allow him to explore too little colors by hand. But it turned out easy and enjoyable for my toddler, like the ones that he did and saved in my ipod above. It’s too colorful I thought, but I guess he enjoyed playing with colors on these drawing subjects. This is a nice app when going to stores or pediatrician visit so to make your kids calm and preoccupied for a short time, while you can do your business quickly.

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