Mineral Cosmetics

I have seen many women make-ups lately that has the line “Mineral Cosmetics”. I thought they are the same to the same old idea that it’s just a make-up but no, they are special kind of products because they are made of pure and natural ingredients.


One might say that if the make up is non synthetic, it might be prone to bacteria. It might, but other mineral cosmetic brands use less preservatives than the traditional make up. Mineral cosmetics are not for the oily type of skin. Some women confessed that if they use the mineral facial powder, their skin will look cakey after few hours. Most sensitive type of skin can benefit when using mineral based cosmetics especially if you want to look natural and wear less make up. When buying cosmetics, especially mineral ones, make sure to read the ingredients. The less ingredients, the better.

How about you, have you used any mineral cosmetics too?

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