Halloween Cake Pop Magic

My family and I had a fun time on our Halloween together. We made this Halloween Pops from a Pillsbury Fudge brownie Pop kit. My husband and I tried the other version of the pops without using a kit during my birthday a week ago. It was rough because it was our first time but we learned many things how to make the cake pops.


I remember I bought a devils food cake mix and a kit just to compare which will turn out best. Fortunately they both turned out perfect but the kit was much easier to do. It was like magic! The kit has colorful candy decorations to sprinkle on top. I thought of buying orange, black and white sprinkles to have a simple Halloween theme. It was cute because there are bats and pumpkin shapes in the candies. We enjoyed out treats with no tricks. Smiles. How about you, have you tried making cake pops? I think you should because it’s fun!

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