Keeping Your Stock Safe in Storage

If you are a business owner or manager, the matter of keeping you stock secure and safe in warehouses and storage spaces is of great importance to you. Your products have been through manufacture and it is now time for them to be distributed and bought by customers, but if these products were to be at risk whilst in storage – if your warehouse were to experience a water leak, for instance – this would be extremely damaging to your financial intake and would sorely affect your profits.

UTi Warehouse in the Snow

To ensure this doesn’t happen, underfloor heating systems are an economically and practically effective solution. Pipe tracing for the winter maintains control the temperature of your pipes to ensure the prevention of freezing, which in effect could cause pipe bursts and consequently, leaks and floods in your building. There are such diverse uses of trace heating for every industry, so Flexelec has worked to provide the correct solutions for each of their individual projects. Every product is designed to be cut to length on site, with use of top quality, hardwearing raw material to certify your underfloor heating system is long-lasting and reliable. There are also a vast range of pipe tracing products available, varying from FSX self-regulating cables which provide fluoropolymer insulation (maintain high temperatures), to FSH/TP self-regulating cables which are used for hot water. The pipe tracing uses a standard 230V power supply, with the option of 115V and 400V on request.

Flexelec’s underfloor heating systems also provide other heat trace solutions which ensure your building is not at risk, including temperature maintenance to metallic and nonmetallic pipes, tanks and equipment, as well as freeze protection. As a business owner or manager, you always a level of certainty that the system has long life usage. After all, it is not cost-effective to keep spending money renewing and reinstalling heat protection when your profits should be used for further manufacture and development of your own products. Flexelec understand this, and offer all of their heating systems with long term reliability, functionality and durability. It is also recommended that usage of a control device will provide a long service life.

Furthermore, using self-regulating electric trace heating cables by Flexelec in your storage space, building or warehouse is a practical and energy-efficient way of keeping your pipes warm in winter weather to prevent them from freezing. If freezing were to occur, it could cause the pipes to burst, which consequently may flood the building and damage your stock. These cables have an effective heat output which is controlled by the temperature – the resistive core reduces the heat output as the temperature increases and vice-versa. Whether you decide to opt for tinned-copper or stainless-steel braid cables, electric trace heating cables are proven to protect against mechanical shocks, as well as apply defrosting, keep temperature constant during chemical processes and maintain temperature in the pipelines.

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