National Dessert Month & Classic Hostess Treats

This post brought to you by Hostess Cakes. All opinions are 100% mine.


Who among you guys has sweet tooth? I bet you all are raising both of your hands! My family and I love desserts and all kinds of sweet stuff. Of course we have to eat in moderation. Have you tried eating Hostess Twinkies? How about their chocolate cupcake that has seven squiggles of icing on top with creme-filled core? I bet you’re drooling as I am right now.
I remember my father in law who shares them to me everytime he bought a box of twinkies and cupcakes. This is his all time favorite snack and he influenced me to love it.
I wish he is still alive right now so he can enjoy our Halloween Pops. I found this particular photo on pinterest and it used Twinkies Hostess Cakes┬áto make as cake pops too! What a clever idea. I wish I found this recipe first before we made our Cake Pops this Halloween. But it’s not yet too late to try this because there’s still Thanksgiving to celebrate.
I also find this spider cakes impressive to look at. It used the Hostess Cakes’s cupcakes and you’ll just have to add candy decorations for the eyes and chocolate dipped stick pretzels for the legs. I think this will be fun activity to do with my kids and I wonder if they will still eat them after. Laughs.
What’s more about Hostess is that one can dress up as one for Halloween and I wish I did found out about this earlier so I could wear a brown tutu skirt with seven squiggles of white yarn into it. That way I could look like the Hostess Cupcake! Pretty neat idea wouldn’t it? How about you, what dessert ideas do you have in mind since this month is the National Dessert Month?

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