Christmas Boxes

A couple of weeks ago, I just sent 2 balik bayan boxes or my Christmas boxes to Philippines. This is my 3rd time to send big boxes to my family. Some of my friends can afford sending 4 or more boxes but I can only afford sending at least 1 and once a year.

I sent two boxes this time because I want them to open the first box when it arrives and I’m going to open the second one by the time we get there next year, Godwilling. I hope my family will like the stuff I got for them and that I want them to feel that someone loves them this Christmas. The boxes cost $110 each for shipping. Weight is unlimited but it’s up to you if you can carry it to your box transporter. It was an exhausting week for me before that, because I have to hop one store to another to find sale and discounted products to put inside this huge boxes. Oh well, I pray that it will get there safe and before Christmas.

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