Vince’s Healing Update

I took Vince to his Pedia Appointment this week. The doctor has to check his wound and take out the sutures. He was crying when I took this first photo of him while waiting for his doctor.

He knew that something is going to happen and he won’t like it. I tried to entertain him by taking pictures so he will forget the past experience when was in the ER and the doctor tied the deep cut on his forehead. This time that the doctor has to loosen the sutures so that it will be easily pulled out, he cried to the max. I held his legs to keep him settled down and the nurse has to hold his head still while the doctor is pulling out the sutures. Poor thing. But he’s feeling better now that it’s gone. I’m glad that there’s no infection.


This is the lobby at our Pedia office. I am impressed of the nice ambiance although the space is cozy and tight but conducive enough to keep kids busy while waiting outside. Vince met another kid on that stroller. He’s sociable when it comes to meeting new kids.


The brother and the Grandma were with us too. George was entertained of the cartoon show. Our day was pretty much intense during Vince’s appt but after that, we got to walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the sunshine.

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