Avenger’s Iron Man Costume Review

My kids had a blast, full of fun and treats during their Trick or Treating this year. We went to a Halloween party at YMCA on our area. It was nice because lots of kids are in costumes. It was so cute!


George is wearing Iron Man costume which of course we adapted from the latest Avengers movie and found out that one could buy it at  Anytimecostumes online. He didn’t have trouble wearing the costume at all. I make sure that he’s wearing his long johns and tee under it so he won’t feel cold easily. The fabric is a little bit thin and has velcro closure at the back. If he moves a lot, the velcro closure can open easily so having a shirt or tee under it will help not to show the skin.


 Here goes George and Vince, ready to rock their cute Halloween Costumes.


I like the way that white triangle glows though. Iron man seemed to have a circle on his heart but I don’t mind it very much. The overall costume looked so cool!


It was funny because there were kids wearing the Hulk, Captain America, and Bumblebee costumes during the party. Too bad I wasn’t able to get pictures of the complete set. Some parents talked about their kid’s DIY costumes and I’m sure they can make Iron Man costume from scratch. Also, most Halloween costumes are discounted these days and one could wear them on a Christmas or birthday party again. The more fun the costumes are going to last if kids wear it often and enjoying their cute characters.


 Here’s the Iron Man Costume that we received to review from Anytimecostumes online.


This is the cool mask that goes along with the Iron Man costume. You don’t have to pay for this, so for a price that’s affordable, you’ll get a complete set immediately! How about you, do you like Iron Man costume too?

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