Blowing of Birthday Candles

Have you ever wonder why we blow the birthday candles on our birthday cakes? According to tradition, before you blow your birthday candles, you need to make a wish first.  The tradition of blowing out of candles started since time of the Ancient Greeks. These people burn candles, it does not matter whether they are vigil candles or ordinary ones; as a sign of offering to the Greek gods and goddesses.

The tradition of placing candles on the birthday cakes was done to pay tribute to Artemis, the Greek moon goddess. Birthday cakes are round in shape to symbolize the moon and candles serve as reflections of moonlight. Many of the Ancient scholars believe that the smoke from the birthday candles will bring the birthday celebrant’s wish to the gods and goddesses. While there are those who believe that the smoke from the candles will drive away evil spirits and will give longer life to the birthday celebrants.

During birthdays, a silent wish is made before blowing out of the candles.  If it only took the birthday celebrant one breath to blow out all the candles, it means that the birthday wish will come true. The person will become lucky all throughout the year.

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