Thanksgiving Party

We had fun attending a Thanksgiving party at church this Sunday. After the beautiful Latin mass, our church hosted a nice buffet and Turin meal for the parishioners. My mom in law decided to bring her big pot of Chicken soup, for hers and my family, to join in the party. It was thoughtful of her to do that as I had little time to prepare food for a crowd that day. I got to chat with my favorite friend, who is a student Doctor, and I’m happy to know that she has 2 years left before becoming a Family Doctor. She has one cute baby boy, and he’s a sweetheart that loves to give everyone a smile. My boys noticed him and played with him for a while. There was plenty of food to choose from. They had turkey meat, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy- and other people brought baked beans, pumpkin pie, rolls and cakes. There was a popular Bingo game going on. A friend asked me if I played bingo, and I told her I’ve done it before but I didn’t finish my game because I was too impatient to win. She told me about PartyBingo where I can join for free, check right from my computer (when I get back home), and test my luck, and hopefully win. I’ve just started getting into it.

They also prepared lots of door prizes for adults and kids. My kids won Halloween buckets with lots of sweet goodies in them. I wasn’t able to win, but at least my kids felt happy that they left with some door prizes. There was a game where everyone guesses how many candies were in a huge jar, and my husband participated. Unfortunately, his guess wasn’t even close to the correct number of candies. My friend, the student Doctor, won it. I was able to talk to our Pastor, and I felt really good after doing so, as I need some spiritual guidance these days. There’s just so many interesting things going on in our lives lately. Like yesterday evening, my family got to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with a close friend of the family. They offered to have us all over at their house, as our house is full of stuff that my mother and bro in law brought over from the accidental fire that took place at their house a couple of days ago. I am happy that I was able to bake some pumpkin pie and maple pumpkin cheesecake to bring over and add to their turkey dinner. I am thankful to God that we survived and that we’re able to celebrate Thanksgiving this year.

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  • Bless says:

    It’s really cool as churches here also organize a Thanksgiving feast to all members. They even have a food drive also to be given to those who can’t afford to buy for Thanksgiving dinner.

  • emzkie says:

    sounds like u had a fun thanksgiving dinner mommy Mel!. i used to play Bingo a lot when i was little. every year, our school would host a bingo game, and the money will go to the charity. it was fun!! lol

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