Tooth Fairy Book For Kids

One of the cute kids books that I read for my boys lately is this Tooth Fairy book. George knows how to take good care of his teeth now like he brushes them everyday. He’s a sweet food lover and I keep on telling him that he should take good care of his teeth so he can enjoy eating food that he likes.


Until I read this book to him, he knows about Tooth fairies that might give him some gifts when one of his tooth comes out. I told him, they just comes out when they need to. It just happens as God made it that way and that he will have new sets of teeth. He seemed ok with the idea but I’m sure when that time comes, he will not like it. Anyhow, thanks to this nice little book that comes with a Tooth fairy plush toy with tooth pouch, it makes good companion for him in bed once that happens. Nice story of the tooth fairy in it too. How about you, do you tell your kids about the Tooth Fairy?

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