Fun Birthday Poppers

My family and I made this cute birthday poppers during my birthday a month ago. It was our first time to make it and we experienced lots of flaws especially on melting the white chocolate and making the balls stay on top of the popper stick. I found the recipe in the internet.

I bought some devils food cake mix and baked them in a rectangle pan. Cool them and let my husband and Tot mush them and turn them into balls. I thought 2 inches diameter balls are ok but some of them didn’t stay long on the stick. These surviving 2 inches balls made it to the final decoration. The recipe says it can make 24 poppers on one cake mix but we only made 14 of them plus the other 7 that didn’t make it. I thought white chocolate is ok to use but dear me, I would’ve follow the recipe that calls for candy melts. Melting the white chocolate was tricky. If you have tiny drops of water on your bowl, it will seize and you can’t use it to drizzle coating outside the popper cake balls. I bought separate white candy melts and dry the bowl as much as possible so it won’t seize when you melt it and my oh my, look at this photo, it is what I want it to look like! My husband helped me coat the poppers with melted candy melts and my Tot helped me sprinkle some decorative candies on top of it. I used some of the white candy melt and add some red coloring and decorated the top of the cake pops. Aren’t these darling? Now a color of green and red would this a great idea for Christmas gifts too!

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